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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. Photo: wiki commons.
#1. Larry Ellison
Net Worth: $36 Billion
Forbes Ranking: #6
Lawrence Joseph “Larry” Ellison is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Oracle Corporation, the world’s leading venture software company. Mr. Ellison is 67 years old and lives in Woodside, California.

Sheldon Adelson. Photo: wiki commons.
#2. Sheldon Adelson
Net Worth: $24.9 Billion
Forbes Ranking: #14
Sheldon Gary Adelson is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, the parent company of Venetian Macao Limited, which operates The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and the Sands Expo and Convention Center. Mr.  Adelson is 78 years old and resides with his wife in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
Adelson has made major multi-million donations to The Adelson Educational Campus, Yad Vashem, Birthright Israel and The Adelson Program in Neural Repair and rehabilitation.
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg at 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. Photo: wiki commons.
#3. Michael Bloomberg
Net Worth: $22 Billion
Forbes Ranking: #20
Michael Rubens Bloomberg or “Mayor Mike” is the current Mayor of New York City. He is also the founder and majority stake owner ofBloomberg L.P., a financial news and information services media company. Mr. Bloomberg is 70 years old and resides in New York, NY, U.S.
Bloomberg’s has engaged in substantial philanthropic endeavors, including a donation of over $300 million to Johns Hopkins University.
George Soros. Photo: wiki commons.
#4. George Soros
Net Worth: $20 Billion
Forbes Ranking: #22
George Soros is the chairman of Soros Fund Management. He is known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” because of his US$1 billion in investment profits during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis. Mr Soros is 81 years old and resides in Katonah, NY, U.S.
Soros supports the “Open Society Foundation”.  According to its web-site is OSF’s mission is to “place the highest priorities on protecting and improving the lives of people in marginalized communities”.
Sergey Brin. Photo: wiki commons.
#5 (tie). Sergey Brin
Net Worth: $18.7 Billion
Forbes Ranking: #24 (tie)
Sergey Brin is a Russian-born American computer scientist and internet entrepreneur who, with Larry Page, co-founded Google, one of the most profitable companies in the world. Mr. Brin is 38 and resides with his wife Anne Wojcicki in Los Altos, CA, U.S.
Brin is an investor in Airship Ventures and private space travel company, Space Adventures. He is also a benefactor for research into Parkinson’s disease, after finding out that he had a genetic mutation increasing the odds that he’ll get the desease.
Larry Page. Photo: wiki commons.
#6 (tie) Larry Page
Net Worth: $18.7 Billion
Forbes Ranking: #24 (tie)
Lawrence “Larry” Page is an American computer scientist and internet entrepreneur who, with Sergey Brin, is best known as the co-founder of Google. Mr. Page is 39 years old and resides with his wife and child in Palo Alto, California.
Mark Zuckerberg. Photo: wiki commons.
#7. Mark Zuckerberg
Net Worth: $17.5 Billion
Forbes Ranking: #35
Mark Elliot Zuckerberg created the social networking site Facebook, and is the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Facebook was co-founded as a private company in 2004 by Zuckerberg along classmates Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, and Chris Hughes while they were students at Harvard University. Zuckerberg is 27 years old and lives in Palo Alto, California.
In December 2010, Zuckerberg, along with Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett, signed the “Giving Pledge”, in which they promised to donate to charity at least half of their wealth over the course of time.
Michael Dell. Photo: wiki commons.
#8. Michael Dell
Net worth: $15.9 Billion
Forbes Ranking: #41
Michael Saul Dell is an American business magnate and the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dell Inc, an American multinational computer technology corporation. Dell is 47 years old and he resides with his wife Susan in Austin, Texas.
Michael and Susan Dell established the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, which focuses on children’s causes.
Steve Ballmer. Photo: wiki commons.
#9. Steve Ballmer
Net Worth: $15.7 Billion
Forbes Ranking: #44
Steven Anthony Ballmer is the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, an American multinational corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports products and services predominantly related to computing through its various product divisions. Mr. Ballmer is 56 years old and resides with his wife in Hunts Point, WA.
Paul Allen. PhotoDon DeBold.
#10. Paul Allen
Net Worth: $14.2 Billion

Forbes Ranking: #48

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