Can we brings smile to homeless cats?

Hi, in Malaysia road side stall can be found in almost every major road corners. This stall offers quick and cheap solutions for our food cravings and schedule.

But most of us may not be aware there are hundred of thousand of cats, roaming filthy, sad and flee infected (especially the younger ones) These feline are scavenger of left over food and at he mercy of sympathetic guest. While I am fond of Cats I can afford to bring every one of this stray feline to my house. It will be crowded by the end of the week.
As such I make it a habit carrying ; friskies cats snack to bring some smile for this felines.

Donate for Malaysian Strays Cats
Food/ Sickness Program

Donations Drives
So what can we all do? Chip in for some snack for this homeless cats and hope nature may sustains and care for this feline.
Questions: What do you get if you donate? Well i can't promise much but i will definitely use the donation to buy extra friskies snack for all the cats I met, and if such donation is in a big amount I can spend the weekend to starts a cats feast! lol, to prove? well each donations that exceed USD 25.00 I will adopt a few feline for a feast under your name and send in an email photo of the activities,
Questions: What more do i get? well feeling good, and of course "Karma" the proven laws of the universe, act of  kindness  and good deed goes a long ways. And believe me if you are not sure just try giving a Dollar $1.00 and sees the differences in whats pop up next, but gift requires sincerity and honesty and trust in the almighty.

 Some of my cats recipient.