Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Order Of The Golden Chersonese

The Ancient shall arise again,since eons ago, the communication have began.  Ancient Shaman mystic, will reclaim their ancestral and tribal rights for the new age of the Chersonese ways.
Once forgotten and hidden now the truth have demands our returns.
The voices from beyond..... shall awaken the new order amids chaos. The lore of the ancient ones shall be illuminated
Malay Shaman shall be their initial voice of the unspoken and the light bearer.
The stallions are here....the black, the white and the grey
we what are left is but the ancient love between the ancient and the native. The ancient have not forsaken you my child...we are ever watching/////////

The Elders choose to leave this domain, yet some remain hidden across the century, under different cloak and shadow, as a the truth remains hidden....we the descendants survive..

When the land lies amidst chaos and corruption, the ancient must arise to protects those in needs as prophesy foretold....a leader shall awoken...

For the leaders of the world whom embarks on darkness the light shall shine again on your choose or not to chooose....

The facts and lies which deceits the worlds as we knows it...thus this shall be the reason for the rising

As the staff is broken shall then the force awakens..the horses are here they are ready..

The Charges shall the children of the worlds and the innocents awaited..

ooutnumbered we shall endure...

Till the ext official post.... the vision is as follow; enjoys amidst the coming drama of the world THE CALLS HAVE BEEN SEND FORTH TO ALL THE DESCENDANTS..... The Soldier of the light shall returns

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