Friday, December 21, 2012


Refer friends to register : When you refer a friend to join HB!Affiliate as affiliate. RM2 earned for qualified affiliate. Self purchase : 20% of total purchase amount. Excluded delivery fee. eg: If you purchase magic mug at RM40, your earning will be RM8. Referral purchase : 15% of total purchase amount. eg: If your referral purchases magic mug at RM40, your earning will be RM6. Banner / text link clicks : RM0.04 per genuine click. Only genuine clicks from unique IP address each day are counted. Feedback : RM5 for constructive feedback to us. Testimonial : RM10 for testimonial with photo & at least 300 words on our unique gift giving ideas. Bonus : Additional bonus will be awarded when total purchase amount of self purchase and referral purchase in a month are as below:- more than RM300 - additional RM20.00 more than RM500 - additional RM30.00 more than RM700 - additional RM50.00 CLICK BANNER DI BAWAH UNTUK MENDAPATKAN AFFILIATE ANDA

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