Thursday, April 14, 2011

Secret technique to win lottery?

Do you know why some people are lucky and wins more than the rest?

is there a conspiracies or just God grand design in the world operaion?
Is it coincident or pure luck as all this triple winner, twice winner of lottery of more than USD1 million and 24 million?
There uses the number of 6 and 5?
Learn more how to increase your odds via my secret technique!
Their winning is for the USD $ 11.2 Million for 6/49 draw
Their combine name number is?
allen violet large12254 295250 21875 =14+23+23=6
so they win using their combine number 6 at the 6/49 draw!
they have the upper hand and the check is delivered to their combine names!
Pure chance or increase chances? you think again?

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