Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How I became Millionaire from Red Gage? (is it possible?)

The question in everyone minds, is it easy to make million online, well red gage offer profit sharing from ads views or from unique visitor visiting your photo,
I have had a valuable lesson from my experience with red gage, i just uploaded my daughter photo and a few shot from my holidays, to my surprise, now it is all worth a handsome USD 1.02 (RM 3.40).
Well at least the greatest gift of all is that my daughter photo received various complements , wow cute and so forth, which is can can never be calculated in term of dollar and cents, these well wisher from a stranger across the seas, million of miles from where i lives, is definitely a grace and a proof of sincerity and honest complements withouts asking a bit in return.
My Conclusion will be highlighted below;
1. The calculated version of becoming a millionaire on Red Gage , maybe i can make it before i am down under!
2. before that above all,
Red Gage is a platform of friendship and i have found and became friend with honest and sincer people across the globe that willingly and honestly praise and rate picture, based on their heart and the kindness in the world,
i found out that there are a lot of kitten or feline lover out there, well i am a feline lover too, i loves cats!
I hope red gage can and will lives on despite the monetary drive..
well back to equation no 1;
1 month ago




In one month since joining i made a modest USD 1.00
Prediction no one: if i simply let everthing goes and do nothing in red gage, it will take me a million months to earn a modest usd 1 million.(i would definately out lived the dinasour --- hahah)
If we power it up to a modest multiplier effect..
1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128  in one year a handsome usd 100 it wil take me 10,000 years to make a million it will still star treks say
forget about it laaaa
ii have seen some guys n ladies makes their thousand in their second years at red gage,
well if the multiplier if ok and provided red gage still operational it will definately not makes any of these people a millionaire

But as a conclusion, i am already a millionaire at red gages, since..i consider the genuine praise toward my picture even thought its a picture of my vacation an resort, i feel a million buck
so thank you red gage

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