Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why Cat and Dog will Fight Each Other?

The is a saying that Cats and Dogs are sworn enemy, but does God really created this two being for a sworn out battle until the ends of days?
Is there any biblical justification or Torah or in ancient Ramayana epic betwen this two being?
The war between feline and ?
While i am searching all the biblical text , including torah and Islamic tradition the only reference that i would think befits this age long nemesis is the fall from grace?
Cats was once revered as God in ancient Egypt?
So once these feline are no longer godlike status symbols, the dogs whom once stood at the lower caste as hunter, would definately hunts this once god like feline?
But as simple as it may seem i would better be off with this notion,
" cats are small and territorial in nature while dogs are hunter or man best friend, so comon sense their hormone  will be at odds?

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