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"Holy cow!" (and similar) is an exclamation of surprise used mostly in American and Canadian English.

"Holy cow" was the catchphrase of Yankees shortstop and broadcaster Phil Rizzuto. The phrase was so popular with "Scooter," as Rizzuto is often called, that when the Yankees honored him decades after he retired, they actually had a real cow with a halo prop on its head. Amusingly enough to all including Rizzuto, Scooter wound up tripping over the cow. Harry Caray, who was the broadcaster for the Cardinals (1945-1969), Athletics (1970), White Sox (1971-1981), and Cubs (1982-1997), also used the phrase, as did 1950s Braves broadcaster Earl Gillespie.
The phrase may have originated with (and certainly was introduced to the baseball lexicon by) reporter and broadcaster Halsey Hall, who worked in Minneapolis from 1919 until his death in 1977. According to Paul Dickson, New Orleans radio announcer Jack Holiday also used the phrase on broadcasts of the minor-league New Orleans Pelicans in the 1930s.[3]
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